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Whether you want to explore the variety of the beautiful beaches or to feel the energy combined by the surroundings mountains and the long sea coast or to relax with your family in a beautiful and nature inspiring place, then our stone villas and modern apartments can meet your specific requirements. As a family private owners who wish to offer their properties direct to our guests we value your choice to choose our small town and our villas or apartments and we love meeting your needs and expectations for an unforgettable vacation in Crete.

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New Luxury Stone Villas in Paleochora Village!

Anna & Athinais Stone Villas are located on the southern coast of Crete ,in the Chania Region , in the small city of Paleochora.

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Our names are Antony & George, 2 brothers from Paleochora, and together with our family we created Anma & Athinais Villas with personal care and love.
Our adoration for Paleochora, our birthplace and our love for traveling stimulated the idea to build the Anma & Athinais Villas, an elegant and charming place for our guests.
We welcome you and wish you a memorable and dreamy vacation!
Antony and George

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